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THE name is quirky, I will be the first to admit.

What does “” mean?

It’s the time wedding banquets are usually held — in the evening or, when tomorrow comes, “last night”. You get the idea.

That’s how the night ends. How did the day start? What happened in the middle? And what else?

In this sense, weddings are intriguing affairs. Each moment distinct from the other by their peculiarities in the unified flow of events. Sometimes, they are just blink-and-you-miss-it episodes. Freeze them and we will capture their magic; this is what photography can do.

In the swirl of events, the wedding photographer (or your silent guest, I would like to think) has an eagle eye for the moments they can catch with their trusty camera. We are aware of our surroundings, anticipating what comes next. All subjects concerned are potential for that key moment of a picture.

So, let’s start here: let us help by seeing what can be missed.

What we will deliver: an artfully curated collection of photos.

What you will get: pieces of precious memories — Real Stories told with a Pure Narrative.

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