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Benjamin & Tiffany’s Matrimony | 13 Aug 2020, Thur | Fort Canning

2020 is a tough year for most of us.

One disease is all it takes to shut down the city, put livelihoods in peril and disrupt wedding plans.

Getting married at this time feels like a big step into the unknown. Against all odds, many couples decide to go for it anyway, albeit with smaller matrimonial ceremonies or postponing celebrations in the complete grandeur of a hotel wedding dinner.

Despite the palpable sense of cautiousness, not even a surgical mask can hide the smiles for long (thank goodness, regulations allow for photogs to shoot couples without something covering half their face).

And so, Ben and Tiffany’s ROM was the first assignment I covered since the Circuit Breaker ended, and we had a great session at Fort Canning. The park is quiet in the weekdays, absent of the usual throngs of mask-up folks on the streets.

On that sunny day, it was just two people savoring the levity at somewhere serene, amid an ever uncertain world.

What they can be sure of is staying strong for each other.

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Behind the scenes

Venue: National Museum of Singapore and Fort Canning

Makeup & Hair: Cheryl Alesha Bridal

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