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How much do you charge for an actual day wedding photography?

For starters, it is $1,160 for a half-day shoot. And that comes with at least 500 processed images and a few delightful surprises.

The first payment of 50% of our fee should be paid within 1 week after confirming the purchase of our service (24 hours if the confirmation of purchase happens one month from the day of the event). The rest of the fee should be paid within 24 hours following the event. 

Processed photos will be ready in 5 weeks after the wedding.

Email us at for a full list of our rates!

Do you also do videography as well?

Yes, we offer this service through collaboration with our partners. 

What does it mean when photos are edited and processed? Does this also include ‘Photoshopping’ faces?

Processing / editing an image entails improving its colour, brightness, sharpness

and other elements that can be tweaked to elevate its quality. 

A lot of times, cameras do not always capture the exact, desired looks and that’s when a professional photo editing software comes into play. That’s how many cameras function under certain lighting conditions and It’s pretty normal for processing to be done after the shoot. 

However, we do not do extreme ‘Photoshop’ manipulations; i.e addition or removal of objects / people, facial adjustments of subjects (specifically the bride and / or groom), or any processing action on those levels of significance. 

ShootStill&Move adheres to a strict code of photojournalistic integrity as well as what defines our style principle of

“Keeping real moments authentic.”  

There are a lot of photographers out there who seem to be able to do what you do. What makes you different from some of them?

We see our clients as individuals with their own stories they wanna share with the world. 

Yet more than that, we value the importance of planning and preparation - indeed, the process of wedding photography is also taking care of nitty-gritty which cannot be sorted out with just a camera. 

So, we meet and discuss with the couple, know more about their temperament, pore through the details that matter, and determine the ways we could overcome challenges and produce the desired outcome.

As such, we believe in maintaining good customer service from the get-go. It’s not only what happens during the wedding, but before and after the event when we ensure your concerns are thoroughly addressed.

I kinda like your works here and feel I could go along with this style of photography for my wedding.

Do we have to meet before the wedding?

Most couples would have to deal with a busy life, along with the huge load of work already cut out for them in preparing for a wedding.

We understand you would be hard-pressed for time in such a situation.

Nevertheless, it would help so much to meet so that we could clarify any issue and clear your doubts. 

I would like to hire you as my wedding photographer! Is it too late to acquire your service for my wedding?

If you could, it’s preferred that you can confirm the actual day shoot with us by the latest, two months away from the event.

We could still squeeze in a spot for your big day (even if it’s happening in a week), but that is also depending on whether there are other confirmed shoots on that day. 

So, yeah, the sooner you get back to us, the better.

Lastly, why do you what you do?


As for the slightly more complicated answer: there’s always something awe-inspiring about seeing a couple

being happy in each other’s presence. 

In a world of billions, what are the odds that you would find “The Right One,” a.k.a, the person you will be holding hands with at the altar of marriage in a week's time? 

That will be a day of joy, a celebration of eternal marital bliss; and the key moments that we want to capture right because a story worthwhile to be told deserves to be seen in its most genuine.   

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